Tobacco-free Colleges and Schools

Comprehensive tobacco-free campus policies have become standard across Iowa school districts and are gaining momentum at higher education institutions, such as colleges, universities and trade schools. While the Smokefree Air Act requires all school campuses be 100% smoke-free (indoors and outdoors), the gold standard is a voluntary tobacco-free campus policy passed by a school board, Board of Directors or other governing body.

A comprehensive policy would contain the following components:

  • The policy clearly states that all forms of tobacco are prohibited (e.g., cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, electronic cigarettes, etc.).
  • The policy prohibits tobacco use in school buildings, on school grounds and in school vehicles.
  • The policy applies at all school-sponsored and non-school-sponsored events.
  • The policy applies to all persons on the property, including staff, students and visitors.
  • Policy must include steps to address violators and must determine an enforcing entity.

If you are interested in working to create, or strengthen, a tobacco-free school policy, please contact us. Sample policies, technical assistance, signage, and tobacco cessation resources are available to schools in Polk, Dallas, Warren, Jasper and Madison Counties.

For a current listing of schools with tobacco-free policies click here.