Youth Tobacco Prevention

Youth Tobacco Prevention Groups are created to fight the tobacco industry’s corrupt efforts to manipulate youth into using their addictive and deadly products. If you are in Middle or High School and you want to help fight Big Tobacco, here’s what you need to know.

Youth Tobacco Prevention Objectives:

  • Change the general social attitude towards tobacco use
  • Raise awareness through education
  • Counter-market the tobacco industry’s efforts
  • Protect the rights of all from secondhand smoke
  • Inspire & support cessation among young tobacco users

Youth Tobacco Prevention groups in all counties have been hard at work fighting Big Tobacco by hosting street marketing activities in their very own community. Students use their VOICE to fight Big Tobacco and so can you!

Want to join a Youth Tobacco Prevention group in your area and start fighting the Big Tobacco lies? Check below to see if there is a current Youth Tobacco Prevention group in your community. Some even have their own Facebook pages! If you don't see your school listed below and want to create a Youth Tobacco Prevention group in your school, contact us today!