Tobacco-free Worksites

Iowa businesses can benefit significantly from adopting tobacco-free policies in terms of quality of life and quality of work. Tobacco is responsible for an estimated $1 billion in productivity losses in Iowa.

Comprehensive tobacco-free policies eliminate all forms of tobacco use in company buildings, on company grounds, and in company-owned, leased or rented vehicles. A comprehensive policy would address the personal needs of employees who use tobacco but are interested in quitting.

Our comprehensive definition of Tobacco: any smoking or spit tobacco product, including any lit or unlit cigarette, cigar, blunt, bidi, clove cigarette, electronic cigarette, pipe, chewing tobacco, dissolvable tobacco, dip, snus, or snuff. This includes any other product or item containing or resembling tobacco or tobacco products. 

Be More Than Smoke-Free

One of the main reasons tobacco-free, not simply smoke-free, policies are a priority is because smokers often replace their cigarettes with spit tobacco or other products during times when smoking is prohibited. Health advocates do not recommend smokers trading one addiction or tobacco product for another.

Although there are many questions that arise when considering tobacco use policies (designating tobacco use areas, ventilation systems, enforcement procedures, etc.), the most effective policy change you can make is to create a comprehensive tobacco-free workplace. Such a policy can:

  • Positively impact the health of both tobacco users and non-tobacco users
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Save the company in insurance and liability costs

Your Employees Will Thank You

A company policy change often motivates tobacco users to finally quit after years of addiction. Many of Iowa's leading businesses and hospitals have committed to a tobacco-free policy; many others are in the process of implementing a plan, and hundreds more are considering a change.

Our staff would be happy to sit down with you and share the free resources and services we can provide to worksites who update or implement tobacco-free policies.

Please contact us to learn how this can positively impact the health of your employees and financial bottom line of your company.