Protecting Your Pets

Did you know? Secondhand smoke is not only dangers to humans; it can harm your pet. Your furry friend faces an increased risk of cancer because they live on carpets, rugs, and floors where deadly tobacco chemicals accumulate long after the smoke clears.

  • Ingestion of cigarette butts or any tobacco product by animals in the wild is typically FATAL!
  • Nearly 30% of pets live in a home with at least ONE smoker.


  • Dogs with shorter noses (pugs, boxers) have a higher risk of lung cancer.
  • Dogs with longer noses (poodles, greyhounds) have a higher risk of nasal cancer.


  • Felines exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher rate of feline lymphoma, a deadly form of cancer.
  • Cats can develop lung diseases, irritated eyes, and depression as a result of secondhand smoke exposure.


  • Birds can experience adverse reactions to secondhand smoke and may develop eye problems, as well as other respiratory problems like coughing or wheezing.


  • It's not just your furry friends, your cold blooded friends are affected by secondhand smoke and tobacco too! Tobacco under your fingernails or nicotine stained fingers can pollute aquarium water, poisoning your fish.

Now that you know facts, you can QUIT for your furry friend. Let them be your motivation to quit and visit our How to Quit page for ways to quit.

Truthful Tails

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